DIY-Hochzeitstraum aus Florida budget freundlich, Destination, Hochzeiten Farben

Kaum zu glauben, dass dieses Brautpaar mit einem Budget für Details wie Blumen, Torte, Candybar Papeterie und Dekoration von insgesamt etwas über US $1000 ihren Hochzeitstraum wahr werden ließen. Aber noch unglaublicher, dass die Braut dies alles in kompletter DIY-Regie organisierte und umsetzte und wie praktisch schön, dass die Braut uns einen Einblick in die Aufgliederung der entstandenen Kostenpunkte gewährt. Ein richtiger DIY-Hochzeitstraum und all die wichtigen und romantischen Momente des Tages, verewigt von Rudy+Marta Photography werden eure Herzen im Nu erobern.

Felicia sagt:

We planned the wedding in only three months and the wedding was perfect in any way. The perfect combination of classy and fun. Anthony and I are a dorky couple, we are silly and smiley, we make jokes and tease constantly. We smile and giggle and don’t do serious very well, our wedding reflected all of that. It was exciting to plan because he knew nothing, he was stationed in Connecticut while I was here in Florida. Almost the entire wedding was a surprise to Anthony and that is what made it so much fun, I was planning it for him.

Creating our Wedding:
Candy Bar – the eight jars were bought from Goodwill for less than $20. To add height and depth we bought crystal candlestick holders from Goodwill as well to attach to the bottom of three of the jars. They were attached together with glass glue. We picked eight different candies, starting with the bride’s and groom’s favorites, Dots and Smarties (Canadian kind), then added in the favorites of the bridal party and parents. It was important to us that Felicia’s late grandpas favorite Canadian licorice be included. The white chocolate covered pretzels were handmade by the bridal party as a ‘bonding experience.’ We also bought stickers to go on the bottom of the Hershey kisses from Michaels for $5.00 and handmade our custom wedding kisses. We made three versions; Felicia & Anthony, Mr. And Mrs. Benaglio, and one using their wedding anchor logo. The brides mother also made personalized candy bars as gifts for the guests. Total Candy Bar Cost = $200

Flowers – we bought all flowers for the wedding at two wholesale sites online. We purchased Ivory Vendela Roses, Lizzy Carnations, Baby’s breath and greens. We bought 50 roses, 175 carnations and 8 bundles or baby’s breath/greens. They were delivered to us 4 days before the wedding and 1 day before the wedding we handmade all of the bouquets and centerpieces. We made 1 bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 toss bouquet, 1 boutonniere, 20 centerpieces, and 10 aisle runners. Total Flower Cost = $300.00

Centerpiece – we decided we want to make the main decoration in the table centerpieces. We bought the 5 jars from the Dollar Tree along with one crystal candle stick holder for the middle jar to raise it up. We bought clear glass beads and floating tea lights from Michael’s to make 3 floating candle jars. The other two jars we made flower jars. We bought our flowers from wholesale websites online. We were going for a ‘freshly picked from the garden look’ over a tight arrangement of flowers. We added 3 tea lights to each table from IKEA. We placed table numbers on each table using a small heart stand from Party City for $1 and handmade the signs using Adobe InDesign, and getting them printed at Office Depot. Total Centerpiece Cost = $150.00 for 10 tables (not including flowers)

Invitations – Invitations and RSVPs were handmade by Maid of Honor. She developed a logo in Photoshop, and then designed the invitations and RSVPS in InDesign. Plain white paper and envelopes were bought at Michael’s. We then printed them at Office Depot. Total Invitation Cost
= $30.00

Cake – was purchased from Publix. Grooms favorite cake is the Publix Raspberry Elegance cake. We had the bakery whiten up the cream cheese frosting and add navy trim to the cake. 3 lizzy carnations were added as decoration to the bottom tier. The wedding topper was handmade from a vendor on Etsy for $10.00. Bride’s mother provided their cake cutter. Cake
Total = $260.00

Guest Book Table – Felicia wanted an untraditional guestbook so we decided to use her Beatles (her fave band) calendar and ask guests to sign in under their birthday. I created a sign to go with it in InDesign that was Beatles themed. For gifts we bought a birdcage from Old Time Pottery.
The cards and guestbook signs were framed with Dollar Store frames. Guestbook Table Cost = $24.00

Hallway Entrance – we decided to line the hallway with pictures of family and friends. The first table was pictures of the Dunbar family including all the family. The second table was pictures of her parents and grandparents wedding, and a picture of young Felicia in her mom’s wedding dress. The last table was all pictures of Anthony and Felicia throughout their relationship. All pictures were printed at Walgreens with frames from the Dollar Tree. We also made a large table seating sign that was framed and on an easel. The chart was handmade in InDesign on white paper using gold lettering. Total Hallway Cost = $25.00

Garter – The Garter was the brides something old, and something blue. We used lace from the Wedding gowns of both the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother. We took a plain piece of elastic, wrapped it in navy silk, and added the touches of lace. We topped the whole thing of with the groom’s Navy name plate in navy blue camouflage. Garter= $0

Sparkler exit – we bought the sparklers from a wholesale website online for $50. MoH handmade a sign in indesign. The vase was purchase at Old Time Pottery. Total Sparkler Exit = $65.00

Stage lighting – The Bride’s father was in possession of 6 small spot lights (any standard garden spot would work). We mounted three to a latter on each side of the stage to provide some fill lighting to bring some depth to the completely black box. The bride’s father also purchased some standard kitchen pod lights from Lowes; we used 18 pod lights and managed to get them on sale. We used the pod lights directly in from of the back wall to add the lined look to the stage. Stage lighting total= $30.00

Aisle decoration – we lined with aisle with 10 flower bouquets in mason jars. We were able to just borrow the jars and return them at no cost. Total cost = $0 (not including flowers)

Bridal Party Gifts- Each bridemaid got a personalized hanger as a gift for all their hardwork. The bride ordered these from the Wedding Hanger Shop, each hanger was about $20 but there are options for making these yourself. They were a really cute personal touch. Total cost= $150

Bridal Party Brawl during formals – PRICELESS.

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