Gold und Rosafarbener Hochzeitstraum voller elegantem Charme Eleganz pur, Hochzeiten Farben

Okay! Die Tatsache, dass die folgenden Hochzeitsbilder von dem talentierten Fotografenpärchen Peter & Veronika Photography zum Verrücktwerden schön sind, ist eine Sache, aber dass die beiden Lovebirds Krizanova und Rohon an ihrem ganz großen Tag, so viel stilvolle Eleganz und noblen Schick aufs Parket legen, bringt uns vor lauter Begeisterung schier um den Verstand.

Es ist eine Traumhochzeit mit umwerfenden Details und einem einzigartigen Jana Pistejova Couture Kleid, welches der Braut im wahrsten Sinne, nicht schöner auf den Leib geschneidert hätte werden können. Und das in Kombination mit den edlen, goldfarbenen Dolce and Gabbana Pumps und der klassischen Bräutigam Attire von Lydia Eckhardt, macht uns nichts weiter als sprachlos. Die Liebe zum Detail ist dearart spektakulär, so dass es kein Wunder ist, dass sich dieses Liebesfest einen Platz in unserer persönlichen Favoritenliste erhascht. Großes Kino!

Die Braut erzählt:

I met Sveto for the first time at University, he was a 2nd year studying in a different faculty. I wasn’t initially interested in a relationship, but his persistence led firstly to friendship, which very soon became the true love we cherish today. We have now been a couple for 8 years, and just recently celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary.

We have been through many of life’s milestones together; we graduated from university, found our first jobs, lived and worked abroad, and of course, moved into our first apartment together. We have travelled to many wonderful destinations, creating beautiful shared memories and experiences along the way.

Three years ago Sveto was offered a job in Prague and I think that this moment was what showed him that it was time to move forward with our relationship. Sveto is not a very romantic type of guy and I knew that if he proposed to me, it would not be in a public or crowded place or during a special occasion. I was really shocked when he asked me to marry him. It took me a while to realize not only what he was asking, but also the real meaning behind the words. I felt truly happy, touched and knew how much I meant to my future husband.

Despite the fact that we hadn’t talked in detail about our wedding prior to the engagement, we quickly agreed on almost all the crucial details including the style, date (which was exactly a year and a day after he proposed), venue, and number of guests. He was mainly concerned about the budget. Looking back now, he does not regret that we slightly exceeded the initial amount, and by little I mean 30 %. I am sure that every bride who reads these words understands me fully.

I had my dream of what our wedding would be like before we got engaged, and I did not made any significant changes during the planning of it. I wanted something unique which I would plan myself, and for the wedding to be elegant and classy. We made the decision not to engage any consultants or planners. In all honesty, if I could go back and change something, it would be that. I spent many evenings, emails and energy on planning everything myself, but in the end all the effort was worth it. It was a timeless wedding, which will be in the minds of our guests for a long time to come.

The trickiest thing to organize was the venue. We both like classy, boutique restaurants, but it took us some time to find what we wanted in Bratislava, Slovakia. There are many chateaux, locations with vast, beautiful gardens and rustic buildings, but none of the ones we visited made such an impression on us as Hotel Albrecht. The moment we walked through the doors, we knew it was the one. We both went quiet, had smiles on our faces, then after a few moments just looked at each other knowing that our decision had been made. We were informed by the manager that one of the best Czech-Slovak cooks would be available for our date and he would be delighted to select the wedding menu with us. Our expectations were exceeded, we were so lucky. All decorations and flowers for the day were made by Moruška design. Thanks to them I had the most beautiful bridal bouquet ever. It was a combination of pink and white Gypsophila (Baby’s-Breath). They also used this extraordinary flower for the table centrepieces. Huge balls of Gypsophila were placed in high vases inside which were colourful fish. Candles and lanterns were everywhere. It really was like a scene from a fairy tale.

Our traditional ceremony took place in St. Martin’s Cathedral, which is the largest and finest, as well as one of the oldest churches, in Bratislava, Slovakia. We had a full house and despite the rain, people waited to congratulate the newly-weds. Standing in such a beautiful cathedral, walking to the altar on my father’s arm and finally saying yes to the person I love most in the world, my husband was so touched and moved that both our voices were shaking during our vows. This moment was of course one of the most emotional either of us has ever experienced.

When my husband saw me walking down the aisle to him in the cathedral and caught sight of my wedding dress, he was blown away. After several weeks of preparation starting with drafting the dress on a sketchpad and numerous visits and fittings, I was truly honoured by his reaction, and that of other guests as well.

I visited several bridal salons, but did not find the right dress for me. I wanted some element from each dress, but none of them were the whole package. After several brainstorming sessions with my closest girlfriends, I decided to go to a fashion designer. I chose Jana Pistejova, one of the most famous Slovakian designers. Her dresses emphasize femininity and beauty, but they are still sexy. She works beautifully with lace and I knew that a dress made by her would exactly capture me.

After midnight I decided to wear a second wedding dress. A dress that my mother wore almost 40 years before for her own wedding day. It was a very emotional moment for both of us. On my side were feelings of pride and honour to wear such a dress, and for my mother it was a strong emotional experience to see her daughter wearing her wedding dress.

You always need to keep in mind what things are important about your wedding for both of you and insist on them. These items made the wedding special and unique for us. Do not follow the crowd, instead look for something that describes and reflects you. Your wedding must have something from you, and it is more than likely that it will remain one of the most emotional experiences for the rest of your lives.

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  1. Die gesamte Hochzeit schien ein Traum zu sein, ist ja auch ein sehr hübsches Paar. Tolle Bilder allesamt.

  2. Hallo, kann man erfahren, woher diese wundervollen Ohrringe sind? Ich finde die sowohl die Stecker, als auch die Ohrhänger wunderschön. Das wäre suuuper :) Vielen Dank.

  3. Krisanova, I love the way you described you wedding!
    You truly created an elegant and classy affair, I am especially in
    love with you dress. So timeless yet fashion forward/ sexy!
    Great job, beautiful wedding, amazing pictures!

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