Elegante Hochzeit in Südengland von Julia Schick Eleganz pur, Hochzeiten, klassisch edel Farben

Die Woche könnte nicht besser enden, als mit diesem modernen und wunderschönen Hochzeitsmärchen von Manfred und Logan. Die beiden megastylischen Turteltäubchen sind nicht nur der Beweis dafür, dass es die wahre Liebe auch im Internet zu finden gibt, sondern auch dafür, dass eine jahrelange Fernbeziehung zum Ja-Wort führen kann.

Der im Hartwell House (England) wahrgewordene Hochzeitstraum ist zudem auch ein prächtiges Dekorationshighlight. Blaue und glasklare Apothekerflaschen in unterschiedlichen Größen, gefüllt mit weißen und gelben Blumen, antike Kameras, diverse Kochutensilien sowie alte Reisekoffer zieren die geschmackvoll, eingerichteten Räumlichkeiten der Location. Und all diese freudigen und emotionalen Momente des Tages, hätten nicht schöner dargestellt werden können, als durch die Linse der großartigen Fotografenkünstlerin Julia Schick. Ein Fest, das ganz sicher unvergessen bleibt.

Manfred erzählt:

We met for the first time 4 years ago via the Internet and after a few dates and long phone calls every day, we knew we were meant for each other. It was not an easy at the beginning, but after a rough time and finally putting our stubbornness aside, we realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. The 1st date was located at one of the many country parks in beautiful Berkshire, England. I am also a also a photographer, so I took Logan along to a photo shoot, not knowing that this would be the beginning of something wonderful and special. Logan thought that I was out of his league and tried with Almond cookies and a nice picnic to win me over….which, as we know, was successful at the end.

After 4 years together we had our civil partnership union in November 2012 to “tie the knot”. As not all of our families and friends could be present (Logan a born Kiwi (New Zealand) and Manfred is from Austria) both of us decided to arrange the reception and a vow renewal in June 2013. This gave our families and friends the opportunity to attend as well and celebrate their special relationship with us. Some pre-work needed to be done, and after countless road trips to find the best venue in the country, we finally decided on Hartwell House, Aylesbury. It is a beautiful former country home, now a high recommended Hotel and Spa under the National Trust Society.

All their guests from overseas arrived a week ahead of the weeding day and helped with the final preparations for the big day. We, the grooms arrived the day before at Hartwell House and enjoyed relaxing massages at the Spa and had an early sleep to have enough energy for the next day. The ceremony started at noon and it was fantastic that all our friends and most of our families were able to come and attend this precious moment. There were guests from Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Hungary and England. Some others were connected via the Internet, as they unfortunately were not able to come to England. The ceremony took about 45 minutes and was lined with tears, laughter and joy. After the ceremony and the congratulations, the reception drinks were held at the terrace overseeing the grounds and parks of the estate. While the guests were enjoying themselves the two grooms were “kidnapped” by their photographers to get some stunning pictures. This was followed by a 3-course wedding breakfast, with emotional speeches, funny jokes and more tears. Afternoon tea was served in the library. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere, before the big party with more guests, a live band, the first dance and more.

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