Australische vintage Parkhochzeit von Linse 2 Fotografie Ein Hauch von vintage, Hochzeiten Farben

Georgie and Dan’s großer Tag ist genau die Art Hochzeit wie wir sie ganz persönlich lieben. Und unsere lieben Freunde von Linse 2 dachten sich genau das selbe, denn kein Weg war dem Fotografenpaar zu weit, der von Österreich nach Australien führte, um diese Liebe und das Fest der Beiden in magischen Bildern festzuhalten.

Und hatten wir schon erwähnt, wie verliebt wir in diese wundervolle, ja bilderperfekte Vintgage-Hochzeit sind? Wir sind ganz verrückt nach dem koketten Geschmack der Braut, in ihrem wunderhübschen, hellblaufarbenen Petticoat-Kleid von Alexandra King Design und dem exquisiten Twigs and Honey Haarschmuck. Da bleibt nur noch zu erwähnen, dass diverse „Gate-Crasher“, welche das Brautpaar auf ihren Fotos im Nachhinein entdeckte, geahnt haben mussten, dass dieses Fest die Sorte von Party ist, die man einfach nicht verpassen möchte.

Georgie sagt:

Colour! Vintagey edge. And all about the friends we invited to share the day with us.

Mein Brautkleid:
My dress was the a blue silk dress trimmed in silver sequins with a full deep hemmed tulle skirt. It wasn’t really a traditional “wedding dress”, it was more of a party dress in a 50s style. Being able to dance in it was essential! As above, it was a fun party dress (sequins and tulle!) and short enough to dance in. I didn’t feel that a traditional white dress was really my style and really loved the dusty-silver-blue colour. And did I mention the silver sequins? ☺

Unsere Fotografen:
We met them at a wedding in Melbourne in 2012 when their friend (an Austrian girl) married our friend (an Aussie boy!) They took amazing photos and were so lovely to deal with. We asked them if they were interested in returning to Australia for our wedding… and they said YES! We loved the idea of facilitating their overseas trip too and giving them the opportunity to explore more of Australia.
We’re so happy with their work and also with the way they conducted themselves at the wedding! We hardly knew they were there which allowed them to get some fantastic natural shots and beautifully creative compositions. The video they made is outstanding!!! Conveys the happy and colourful vibe of the day with a hint of cheekiness. Perfecto!

Unsere Location:
Ceremony was held at 4pm under a tree in the sunshine (thankfully!) at St Vincent Gardens in Albert Park, Melbourne. I (Georgie) had ridden past the park many times on my bike and loved the big old trees, greenery and beautiful terrace houses surrounding it. It’s an old park with lots of history behind it… and it was conveniently within walking distance of the reception venue! The reception was held cocktail style at a warehouse gallery space on a laneway in South Melbourne called) . We loved the “raw” aesthetic: concrete floors, painted brickwalls and exposed steel roof trusses. It’s a great open and adaptable space that spills onto the cobblestone laneway. The managers of the space were easy to deal with and provided their own catering from the commercial kitchen as part of the gallery.

Unser Lied:
The down the aisle song (or down the grass as the case was for us!) was “Breakthrough” by Fat Freddy’s Drop (a NZ group). The song was chosen both because we love Fat Freddy’s Drop but because of the lead in and built up of the song and lyrics (as follows). It’s about having that someone alongside you that you can share these very moments with – side by side with nothing else mattering. The need for nothing else but that person, in that very moment and on through life. And it’s also about that person being the sun and light for the other.

Breakthrough (Fat Freddy’s Drop)
I’m looking out from my station
Feeling a love that lives in creation
I see the sun from my window
Waking up hopeful I wanna let go
I’d give it up for the sweet sound
Moving around my soul I wanna get down
I need someone here to talk to
You and I could be the next ones to break

Whatever we do

I wanna wake up with the sun
Come wake up with the sun yeah

I want wake up with the sun on my face
Another night has come and gone
I want to never want for anything today
Except someone here to talk to
You and I could be the next ones to break-

Whatever we do
I want to wake up with the sun

Coloured paper garlands, silver balloons and lots of fresh flowers! The venue itself was a really interesting backdrop as we loved the raw industrial feel of the concrete and steel warehouse space.

Not sure that we know the secret! We tried not to get too stressed (don’t sweat the small stuff!) and keep a sense of perspective: ie the day was about US and signified our love for each other and everything else was additional detail. We purposely chose a cocktail style celebration because it meant less organisation with table plans and seating etc, and also allowed everyone to mingle and meet each other.

Erwähnenswerte Details:
We used a poem I wrote to Dan within the first few months of our relationship as our vows. The best man also used this email in it’s uncensored version in his speech! Also our celebrant was the mother of a good friend. We tried to incorporate family and friends into the day wherever possible.

A day filled with colour, sunshine, love and excellent people.
“You can judge a person’s character by the friends they keep… and we think you’re pretty bloody awesome.”

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